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March 24, 2010 by zorven
Checked my e-mail and found Google flagged itself as spam....funny.

February 21, 2009 by zorven
So I learned from our HR Director that the new stimulus plan has a provision related to COBRA. For those of you who don't know about this, when an employee is terminated by the employer and the employee has medical coverage through our benefit plan, we have to offer the employee the chance to continue their coverage for 18 months at a set monthly premium (usually higher than they were paying as an employee). However, the employee has only 30 days to make this election.

Our company, like many ...
November 26, 2006 by zorven
I just realized it has been 4 months since I got my new car. I meant to write a little something earlier. The details:

2006 Cadillac CTS
3.6L V6 Luxury Package (255 h.p.)
Memory driver seat
10-Way power seats with power lumbar
Heated front seats
Universal home remote
Theft deterrent system
17" Wheel Sport Package
4 Wheel independent suspension
Stabilitrak stability control
Limited slip differential
High intensity headlamps
Auto Transmission (with sport mode...
March 7, 2006 by zorven
My kids are going to spend their first night away from home on Friday when they stay at my parents house. So, that leaves my wife and I with a date night. I think our last one was last summer...not sure. I used to like going to the movies, so I thought maybe that is what we would do. But I am just not looking forward to it. You see, the last time we went (last summer, I think...remember our last date night?) was not a pleasant experience. Not that the movie was bad (or good, don't even remember ...
March 15, 2005 by zorven
Below is the first paragraph of a news article. After reading it, I really wasn't sure I was going to read the rest because the writer clearly wants to get his/her personal opinion into the article. Writing like this makes me wonder if I can trust the rest of the article to give me factual, unbiased information.

Iraq to Convene First National Assembly

By RAWYA RAGEH, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq puts its fragile democracy to the test Wednesday, convening its first free...
February 12, 2005 by zorven
About a week ago, my wife suggested we go see The Peking Acrobats. I have never seen an acrobatic show, but felt it was something I probably would not go out of my way and pay money to see. But, she wanted to go, so I bought the tickets, she arranged a baby sitter, and off we went last night.

I had never heard of the The Peking Acrobats, but according the program at the show, they are a top acrobatic group. So, the show started and the audience was clapping after what seemed each stunt (for ...
December 31, 2004 by zorven
I am new to blogging, and one thing I am used to on the main forum I usually post at is the signature section in which I put my quotes (as many do). There is not really a place like that here to put them, so I just thougt I would post them in an article. Then I got to thinking that it is odd in a way that we choose someone else's words to describe our point of view, beliefs, values, etc. Why not just state our point of view, belief, value, etc? I suppose that using quotes makes us look more int...
December 30, 2004 by zorven
We bought a new digital camcorder for Christmas. It was a spur of the moment purchase, although we had been wanting one for several months. Due to the fact that we were going to be in a hotel on Christmas morning, we moved Christmas morning present festival to Christmas Eve morning. Thus on the afternoon of the 23rd we were reflecting on how this Christmas is the first that our 3 year old daughter really understands what is going to happen as far as Santa, presents, etc. So we thought we should...
December 23, 2004 by zorven
Now I am experimenting with Theme Manager. I open the program and choose a Suite to Apply. It states it is downloading some files (wallpaper, icons, etc). After that window disappears I am back to the the Theme Manager program and nothing has changed. I exit Theme Manger and still nothing has changed. Am I missing something?
December 22, 2004 by zorven
I have recently started using DesktopX and Icon Packager. When I loaded DX, it rearranged all my desktop icons. Ok, no bigggie, I needed to clean up anyway. Then I discoverd Icon Packager and installed a new icon theme. It rearranged all my icons. I am getting hesitant to try anything else else I will need to rearrange the icons again. Is there anyway to prevent this or to restore my layout?
September 6, 2004 by zorven
This has been bugging me: our company's top execs have been running the company for a little over 15 years. During that time, the company has had a net income loss. The past year saw no cost of living raises for our employees. However, since this is one of those rare good years in terms of profits, those top execs will be handed large performance bonuses that amount to about 30-40% of the profit for this year! Nevermind that we are still in the hole from the last 15 years. Uggg.
September 5, 2004 by zorven
Blogging is new to me. I have been reading JoeUser recently...mainly Draginol. I started playing one of his company's games last year and eventually found my way here. I have never been much of a "talker" and so have not been motivated to start my own blog, but I just created it so I have an outlet for those occasional thoughts that I need to get off my chest.